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Tools I Recommend 


The 400XS from SCMSystems

The 400,000 RPM allows for precision and cutting of

wood, glass, stone, metal...etc, basically ANYTHING! 
It cuts through wood like butter without any vibration. It is my go to tool for every single carving project.


Foredom SR Series

There is no lack of power with the Foredom SR. The big motor produces some serious horsepower for jobs of any size. This unit is very popular among artist of all kinds for it's versatility and convenient attachments.

              To read about these tools and to see the ful                                         recommendation list click here.

What Is PowercarvinG?

Power carving is the act of taking a rotary tool like the Dremel with a flex shaft attachment and using it to carve.

Stuck on Ideas? Check out my 5-star mini-e-course below!

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