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Learn how to wood carve with this premium "Wipe Your Paws" carving template and stenciling video bundle!


Follow along with Matt from Cornelius Creations in his popular YouTube video. (Watch it here)


*This is a digitial download - Includes seven template and Instructional video link ONLY. Links to stenciling video is inside the PDF download. You will need a computer or smartphone to download this.


If you are new to wood carving or even seasoned professional, this template will provide you with a great place to start carving! It is as simple as:

  1. Downloading
  2. Printing
  3. Stenciling
  4. Carving!


This download includes:

  • Pdf with links to Private Stenciling Instructional Video (13:00 min long)
  • Download link to seven PNG Premium Bear Images.


The Stenciling Video Guide will show you how to:

  • Open the stencil
  • Use the basic printer options to "scale" the image.
  • Advanced tutorial of OpenOffice to resize the PNG version stencil (free program)
  • Print the image
  • How to stencil using carbon paper
  • Best practice carbon transfer tips.


In order to print this image you will need a printer, computer (optional smartphone)


Be sure to follow along with Matt in his YouTube video after getting this template (Watch it here)


Matt is well known for his wood carving work on YouTube. With thousands a views and over 1 million watch time minutes a month he has helped many people get into power carving!


Download this stencil and get to carving today!


*This is a digitial product meaning you will need a computer or smart phone in order to download the PDF file*


*Does not include any physical products such as tools or wood*

Wipe Your Paws Wood Carving Templates & Stenciling Video

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