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Frequently asked questions

What's included with this option?

1. Yearly 60 minute comprehensive physical that includes:

  • routine screening labs (cholesterol panel, metabolic panel, diabetes screen, blood count).
  • cancer screening
  • immunization counseling
  • advanced directives
  • disease prevention
  • health and wellness coaching
  • follow up visits to comprehensive physical
2. Portal and text communication follow-up to wellness visit 3. More favorable pricing for integrative pain visits

Additional benefits to being a Green Mountain Primary Care patient:

  • Wholesale labs
  • Select wholesale medications
  • 24/7 connection to your pcp
  • Telemedicine options/support
  • Portal and text message communication
  • Online scheduling (coming soon!)
  • Longer appointment times, unhurried by healthcare insurance plan requirements
  • Guaranteed next and same day appointments, made possible due to our smalll size
  • Home visits, made possible due to our small size
***Because we are a smaller practice with patients investing in services beyond what healthcare insurance plans cover, we expect our patients to enjoy the above benefits of participating in a smaller patient panel practice, where our healthcare process is not dictated or limited by what healthcare insurance plan reimbursement reqirements (these are not private fee benefits, but benefits that accrue due to our small size and detachment from healthcare insurance requirements).