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i am a dual vet, military & corrections( max security) and have been driving myself and my wife crazy for years with my inability to stick to a hobby/project for any length of time. I tied flys for a time and was successful for a. while but eventuallynjust lost intererest. My. grandfather was a very accomplished woodworker in the 60s and esrly 70s using pperiod tools of the time berore his death. I personally have accumulated a lerge number of dremel bits and tools and this is something that really intrigues me and that a lot of men seem not to do exceptionally well. My major weakness though is perfectionism and not being ablle to see how well the project is really done. I have a bad habit of throwing a project away withouy seeing a way to fix it. If I am going to suceed this is your help I will need.

Mike Scalf

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